is a technology startup located in Sisian, specialized in CNC machine engineering and production.

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We started from ZERO

“Since we are the first and only engineering startup in Sisian we hope to revive this place and turn it into technology center in the longer run”.

Go-to Europe Market

We can supply private engineering labs to EU or sell the machines in retail market. We believe that if our product is successful in Armenian market, it will be also competitive in Europe

Looking for partners

If you think that it's possible to develop IT sphere in Sisian we are looking for you. Please contact us to discuss the details and make go to plan together.

Why Sisian?

“In 2015 me and my friend Hayk decided that it is time to move back to Sisian. Then we started to ask ourselves a question – what is the reason that young people do not go back to the regions after coming to study in Yerevan. The reason mainly is lack of jobs. Since Sisian high schools have always been known for good mathematics we decided that Engineering and Programming startup would work best in Sisian,” tells Hayk Yeranosyan, the co-founder of SarsUp.

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Since many had no idea what a programming job is, it was very hard for us to keep our students engaged in the long run. For example, the only programmer in Sisian, Armen Badalyan, is 50 years old and is known to be a weird guy, with a nickname “Brain”. So we had to crash many stereotypes and it was not easy. By the end of the training we were left with 6 people”

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